Media Manager - Creating Share Templates

Modus Administrators can set up multiple email templates for end users to choose from when sharing content to buyers or customers. These templates can be assigned to specific assets, and each one can be customized to cater to a specific brand or content need.  

Start by navigating to the Organize drop-down menu at the top navigation bar. Then select “Share Templates” at the bottom of the menu: 

To create a template, click the “+ Add” button in the upper left-hand corner. 

Users will then be required to name the template, add a subject line. If desired, they can choose to make the new template the default for the whole instance:

Click on “Assigned Assets” under Title to choose which assets this template can be used with:

(To make them available for all assets, users will need to click “Select All” in the upper right hand corner and click “save”):

To allow an email template to only be available for a certain amount of time, toggle on Availability Restriction, choose your start and end dates and times, and choose users who need to be notified when the template expires:

Finally, scroll down to add the body of your message, as well as any links and a footer. 

Share templates also support a plain text version of the rich text template that is initially created. 

Users can add a variation of the message to the plaintext version, or simply add their original message to the plaintext version by clicking the “Convert” button: 

Users will want to remember to click the “Save” button when they have completed their template. 

They may click “cancel” to start the template over: 

Click “Send Test” and add an email address to the pop-up to email a test template to yourself: 

Helpful tip: if multiple templates for all assets need to be available, users can achieve this effect by creating multiple templates and then assigning them to all assets. When a user goes to send a follow up, they will then have all of the templates available to them to choose from. 

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