Media Manager - Adding and Managing User Segments

User Segments are an additional way to dynamically aggregate users, which allows specific messaging and information to reach users in the form of Carousels, Notifications, and Microlearning Course assignments. 

Start by navigating to the Organize drop-down menu in the top navigation bar. Then select

Once on the Segments page, click “+ Add” in the upper left-hand corner:

Users can now name their segment and then filter by including or excluding users by Region, Role, Group, and/or Individual Users.  Multiple filters may be applied.  These filters define how the segment aggregates users, which it does on the fly - e.g., if you define a segment to include all users in a region called "North America", users being added or removed from that region will affect their inclusion in the segment as well.

Remember to tap the “Save” button to save all page settings:

Once a User Segment has been created, it will show up as an option for the Audience when assigning Carousels, Notifications, and Microlearning Courses: 

Users can also create Segments from the pages for creating Carousels, Notifications, and Microlearning Courses by clicking “New Segment” in the lower right corner. This will take users through the came creation process that has been outlined above.

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