Media Manager - Adding and Managing Regions

The Modus Regions feature allows for an additional layer of content access permissioning to exist within a Group or Category. This lets chosen users see specific files while excluding the entire User Role from seeing them. 

Please note that once Regions are enabled, all users and all content must use Region assignments AND upon enabling this, all content gets automatically assigned to ALL Regions. This allows your regions to be deviations from the regular category permissions that are segmented by User Role. 

To enable the Regions function, Navigate to Settings>Administration. 

Then find The Admin Settings on the left side menu and click the down arrow to find Regions. You can also just scroll down to find it near the bottom of the page. 

To enable this feature, toggle it on and click Save in the lower right corner. 

Now that the feature is enabled, you will notice that a Region menu item now appears under Organize. 

And a Region setting now also exists on the Asset Details page, the Category details page, as well as the User profile page. 

Upon first enabling Regions these three settings will default to ALL for content. This allows you to decide which Users, Assets or Categories that you want to deviate from the permissions already set up between the User Role and the Content Group(s) and Categorie(s). 

To create a Region Click on Organize in the top menu and find the new Region page link then click +Add

Name your Region and add an optional description and owner. From this page you can also choose assets to add to that Region through the pop up modal. 

*Please note you must add the Region assignment for the users on the User Profile page and not here. This only indicates the user number currently assigned.  

Once you have one User and one asset in the Region, it’s active. 

Since Regions need something to deviate from, you have to have more than one Region set up for proper use case functionality. We recommend creating and naming all of your Regions first, then adding Users. 

To edit Region assignments navigate to the asset, category, or user page and click in to make changes. 

Please note: Users and Content can belong to multiple Regions. 

If you need to edit these assignments in bulk you can do that for the Users via the User Export and Import feature, and for the assets via the Asset Library Export and Import feature. 

Everyone has to be in a Region once Regions are set up. 


Best Practices

Regions should ideally be used when there is (somewhat small amounts of) variation in content access needs among seller groups that are set up as User Roles. This allows for more streamlined administrative management since it eliminates the need to duplicate Groups, create redundant User Roles, or use one off permissions, to achieve the most accurate content access needs.

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