Media Manager - Creating and Managing Carousels

To manage the in-app carousel with calls to action, navigate to the Organize dropdown menu in the top of the navigation bar and select “Carousel”. 

Once users navigate to the Manage Carousel page, tap “Add Tile” in the upper left corner of the page:

This opens a new page, where users can configure the carousel tile’s details. Users will need to add a “Title” for the carousel tile, which will be the main headline end users will see in-app, and a “Description”, which will be a secondary headline in-app.  Users will want to upload a primary background image and set up one or two calls to action, which will serve as clickable actions in the app:  

Calls to action can be linked to an Asset, Category, Collection, External URL, or Notification.  Each carousel tile can have one or two (primary and secondary) calls to action.  Users will be required to add Action Text to each call to action, which appears on the button in-app.

In the Advanced section, to activate the carousel tile, toggle the “Activation” toggle to blue. If desired, users may also determine publish and expiration dates for the carousel tile. These fields are not required, and a carousel will instantly go active once saved if no pre-determined publish date is added. Users may also assign an owner of the carousel as well, but this is not required.   

In the Audience section, users may also determine their Audience by either electing Everyone on the account, or by selecting a User Segment, if these have been previously established, from the “Segment” dropdown:


All of the fields with the red dot are required. Remember to click “Save” to retain all settings and publish your carousel tile. 

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