Media Manager - Creating Promoted Collections

Promoted collections are groupings of assets that are tailored to and created for the end users by the admin and managers. They can be extremely useful for internal communications, product launches, consistent messaging for certain products or services, and much more. Promoted collections can be created and published in Media Manager by administrators.

Creating promoted collections can be done in Media Manager by following these steps:

First, hover over the “Organize” drop-down and select “Collections”:

Next, you will select “Add” to create a new Collection:

The next step for your promoted collection is to fill in the required fields and add additional relevant/important information so your end users know what the collection was created for.  The image below shows what fields need to be filled out to populate your promoted collection in your end-user experiences:

You will need to be sure that you have assigned a name to the collection, assign the appropriate groups, select the desired assets, and toggled Promote to “on”. You can also add a description to explain what the collection was created for but that is not required. Once those fields are filled in, click save and verify that your promoted collection has populated on the end-user side.

Navigate to the end-user experience and select “Collections” in the top middle of your page:

Make sure you navigate into your “Promoted Collections” option to verify that it has been published:


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