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Creating Tag Categories allows for customized enhanced search for end users. Tags can be assigned to assets by admins prompting the assets to be searchable in-app by those assigned tags.  

Start by navigating to Organize>Tags:

To establish your first Tag Types, click on the plus sign and begin typing the title:



You can then choose the color the tags will appear for your end users by clicking on the pen icon and selecting the shade you want to use:

*Please note that the most updated version of Modus for end users does not recognize tag colors, this is for the Admin layout and legacy app versions only. 

To add tags to the category, tap the plus sign with the color you choose that is under the Category title. The cursor will appear to prompt the user to start typing. Tap “Save” when done. Repeat this process for as many categories as you would like:

To delete a Tag, click into the tag, delete all text characters and then click Save:

Tags can be moved between tag categories. Click to choose the tag to be relocated and click Move tags:

This opens a modal with a drop down in the upper right corner where you can choose the new tag category.  Tap the “Save” button when you are done: 

Tags in the same category can also be merged. This is useful if you need to audit existing tags and two are similar:

Find the tag category where the two tags exist and click on Merge tags. This will highlight the tag category and allow you to click which tags to merge together. Click Merge 2 tags when ready:

Don’t forget to tap the “save” button. Please note that merging tags this way will also merge the tag associations on the assets: 

Once your tags are merged you can rename them by simply clicking and changing the text. Always tap “save” when done. 

Please note that updates Modus UI for the Modus: Sales Enablement apps includes asset type as a standard first filter for end users. 

Once the tags and tag categories are set up, assets will need to be tagged to ensure relevant search results. Navigate to the asset details page of the file that you want to tag: 

Tap “Tags” and a modal will appear where you can search and select the relevant tags. Tap the “Save” button and complete the process:  

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