Media Manager - Adding Assets

To add assets to a category, navigate to the Organize drop-down menu and select Manage Structure. From here, users will first locate the group and then the category or subcategory that they want to add files to:

Once on the page for the Category, tap on “Create” in the upper left and choose “Asset”:

Users will be taken to the “Add Assets” page.  From here they may drag and drop from their device’s file locations into Media Manager or choose files from their device’s local storage by clicking the arrow, or add a link as an asset by copying the URL and pasting it in the text box below the asset uploader:   

The assets will be added to the Category originally chosen, but users may also choose to add them to other Categories as well. To do this, navigate to the asset in “Manage Structure”, and tap on it:

This will open the General page under “Asset Details” where users can change the title, add a thumbnail image, add search tags, add additional Category assignments, as well as Language and Region assignments: 

Tap to Advanced in the upper left corner to see additional options for setting up files, including offline availability, external permissions, and PDF form submission criteria: 

Another way that users may add assets is through the Asset Management menu item by clicking “Add Asset”: 

Users may also navigate to the Asset Library Page by clicking on the “+Assets” button in the upper left: 

This will prompt the same menu to appear as the original uploading process described above, but note that the assets will be unassigned to any categories initially (and therefore not visible to end users) when uploading them from Asset Library rather than Manage Structure. Categories will need to be assigned from the Asset Details page by clicking on the Categories button and checking the appropriate boxes.  Tap “Save” when you are done: 

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