Media Manager - Dashboard Analytics

Analytics Dashboard 

For an overview of usage in your entire Modus instance across all sellers, use the Dashboard. In this section, users can see trends for different timeframes and download reports or images for presentations. 

Navigate to Dashboard > Analytics Dashboard:


Users will want to choose the timeframe they want metrics for on the right side of the Analytics page.  

To do this, click the pencil button and then use the dropdown to choose Years, Quarters, Months or Weeks, then click “OK” to save:


The graphs show total asset views by sellers (senders of the Digital Sales Room) on the left, and total assets sent to buyers (recipients of the Digital Sales Room) on the right. As users adjust the time frame, they will see the graphs adjust with usage trends:



Above the graphs are 5 useful metrics that can be downloaded as .csv files or as images:


If users hover over the menu icon (the icon with the three dots), an additional menu will appear where they may select either option:

Most Modus customers find the Follow Ups sent report and the Media Views from Follow Ups report to be very informative. 

Follow Ups sent report shows: timestamp; seller (sender), buyer (recipient), number of files sent per Digital Sales Room, titles of assets sent, views by recipients, downloads from recipients, and average view duration.

Media Views from Follows Ups shows:

Content breadcrumb, title, file name, size, type, asset updated last date, seller views overall, unique seller views, latest views, how many time sent in follow up, dates of last send out, views and downloads from buyers, and average buyer view duration

Below the graphs, users will see list views of all viewed assets and recent users who have sent assets to buyers; recently active users, and new notifications.  Users can page through these with the gray numbers or arrows below: 


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