How to Add Audio within Modern Authoring

Please keep in mind that audio will be added on a per-slide basis. Therefore, you record to each slide separately (and can revisit slides to re-record without altering the entire presentation's recording), and you will upload .mp3 files to each corresponding slide, not the presentation as a whole.


  • The maximum amount of audio that can be recorded is 20 minutes per slide.
  • If you were to upload audio, you can exceed the 20 min/slide limit as long as the uploaded audio file size does not exceed 500 MB.

How to Add Audio

  • Navigate into the presentation you would like to add audio to under the My Content section.
  • Once in Edit Mode, select the slide you would like to add audio to. 
  • Click the Microphone button below the slide Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 1.25.40 PM.png
  • You can add audio when the Recording Studio Model pops up Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 1.21.49 PM.png
  • When ready, click the red Recording button to start. There will be a 3 second countdown and you will need to record for at least 3 seconds to be able to save.  Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 1.29.58 PM.png
  • Once complete, you will be able to Preview, Save or Discard the recording. Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 1.29.47 PM.png
  • Once complete, click the close button on the top.
  • A microphone icon will indicate the slide has a narration recorded. Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 9.59.47 AM.png
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