Roles and Permissions

Roles and Permissions for Basic Admins

Roles and Permissions allows an Organisation to define specific actions within Zunos Admin forto Basic Admins, for example only have access to certain folders.
An organization is able to set customized permissions at a granular level for editing, viewing and publishing.

Customizing Roles with specific Permissions:

*Note: This feature is available from your Bigtincan Customer Support team. Request activation from your contact. 

  1. Login to the Zunos Admin Portal 

  2. Navigate to the “Settings” Section.

 A new section will be available once feature is turned on, titled “Roles” 

  1. There are 3 ‘levels’ to roles:

  • ‘Global’ Role level: by which a User added to a Role will have those permission applied over all Content.
  • ‘Folder’ level: which applies to a Folder, and Content within (so long as the inheritance flag is enabled).
  • ‘File’ level: which applies only to that file.

*Note: All Roles must have the ‘View’ action activated in order for them to be valid.

  1. Add users to the newly created Role.

  2. Save process and the user’s will have the new title and specific privileges associated.



Manage Permissions per content object:

Organisation Admin may make adjustment to the permissions granted for certain Content through the “Manage Permissions” option in the Drive. 


*Note: Basic Admin with the “Manage Permission” action enabled also have this privilege. 

1.    Login to the Zunos Admin Portal

2.    Navigate to the Drive Section.

3. Select the Content you wish to adjust the permissions. 

4. Select the “Manage Permission” option.   

5.    A pop up window similar to the following will generate: 

6.    Enable Inheritance means that user can access sub folders.

*Note: This can also be applied at a File level.

7. When logging on as this User, Content is restricted and Permission is only as per the Role they have been selected in.









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