Embedded Brainshark Learning and Coaching in Content Hub


Embedded Brainshark Learning and Coaching provides easy access to Brainshark training from within Content Hub. Users can quickly access Brainshark courses and coaching activities without leaving their context in Content Hub.

This access to Brainshark through Content Hub is not intended for content creators and administrators. The functionality is limited and users who need access to all Brainshark functions should click use the Nine-Dots menu to access the full Brainshark site.

Accessing Brainshark Learning and Coaching from Content Hub

Clicking Learning or Coaching from the Content Hub menu loads the corresponding Brainshark page in the Content Hub window. Access to other Brainshark areas other than the initial landing pages is strictly limited from these landing pages.


Enabling the Feature

This feature must be enabled for a customer by a Customer Success Manager. Please contact your Customer Success Manager directly or utilize customersuccess@bigtincan.com.


FAQs and Known Issues

Users of Safari browsers may be prompted to log in when launching Brainshark content from within Content Hub when “Prevent cross site tracking” is enabled.

Navigating to Brainshark via the nine-dots menu after accessing the embedded Brainshark pages results in a Brainshark page that is missing both its header and footer. This issue is being addressed.


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