How to use Hubshare Links

Users have the opportunity to share content via a uniquely generated link. They can simply copy the link, once created, and share with recipients both internal and outside the platform. This article demonstrates: 

  • How to Create a Hubshare Link
  • Accessing Hubshare Link Analytics Data
  • Expiring a Hubshare Link
  • Reactivating a HubShare Link once it has been expired

How to Create a Hubshare Link

  1. When in the Hub, navigate to the plus (+) icon in the top right hand of the web browser. Once you click share at the bottom of the list, you will be able to see the pop up in the image above. Depending on how your admin has configured it, when it first shows up, you will see the email section and can click on the link button at the top of the box to access link sharing.
    There are a couple of settings for shared links that you can edit before creating your link:

    • Access Form

      • You can optionally include a Access Form that your recipient(s) will have to fill out before being able to access your content. Name and email are mandatory, and fields for title, company and phone number are optional. This form cannot be customized at this time.

      • If the Access Form is unchecked, your recipient will not have to fill in any information in order to access the shared content.

      • If your admin has Access Form to mandatory, the field will be visible but faded to indicate that the setting can’t be changed.

    • Expiration Date

      • You can optionally set an expiration date for your link. If your recipient(s) tries to access your link after it has expired, they will see an option to email you to request link reactivation.

      • If your admin has not enabled editing the expiration date, the expiration date will not be visible in the create menu.

  1. Once you hit the “Create Link” button, you will see:

- Copy Link to clipboard allows users to paste the URL in any external system

- Open in Share Console takes users directly to the HubShare Link page in the Me section

  1. Once a user clicks to access the link, if the Access Form is turned on this is what the user will see:

    1. Access Form Fields: There are 2 mandatory fields and 3 optional fields

      • Mandatory: Name, Email

      • Optional: Title, Company, Phone Number

Accessing Shared Link Analytics

  1. Navigate to the Me > Shares section then click on the Recently Shared link that is associated with the information you want to be reviewing. 

  2. Once you are in the HubShare Console, you will be able to see the information related to the link or email sent out.

    • New Link & Email icons in left hand menu to indicate the type of HubShare Created

    • At the top of the Viewer Data, you can use the “Copy to Clipboard” button to copy and share the link any time you are on the HubShare Console page

    • “Expire Link” button allows users to manually remove access to the content in this link at any time.

    • The top right corner indicates the expiration date and amount of days until the link will expire.


Expiring a Shared Link 

Below is going to be exploring in more depth the capability of the expiring of links that have been previously sent out.  

How to Manually Expire a link

  1. If you want to manually expire a link, you will need to navigate to the HubShare Link Viewer data and hit the “Expire Link” button. That will then open up the confirmation menu before expiring this link.  

  2. Once a link is expired this is what will be seen if viewers visit the URL:

  1. Viewers can send an email to the user who created the HubShare Link alerting them that the information has expired.

    • Email auto populates with Link owners email in the “To:” field

    • Email auto populates with “Access Request: “Link Title”” in the subject field


Reactivating a Hubshare Link once it has expired

  1. When a HubShare Link is expired you will see an “expired” badge in the left hand menu.

  2. If you have the appropriate permissions and want to reactivate the link, navigate to where the previous “Expire” button was which has now been renamed “Reactivate”.

    • Once clicked, you will get the below “Link Reactivated” confirmation alert.

  1. Things to be aware of:

    • The link reactivation timeline will be equal to the original Link expiration timeline (if 30 days when link was created, then 30 days when reactivated - if 5 days when created, then 5 days when reactivated). 

    • If you originally used the default expiration timeline set at the admin level, it will reactivate for that length of time.

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