How to Configure HubShare Links - Admin Setup

Turning on the Configuration Bundle

  1. Navigate to the Configuration bundles area of the hub. Once there, move to the Story Sharing section where you will be able to click the box for “Can Create Hub Share Link”.
    1. This will open up two dependent settings once turned on. Share w/Audit must also be turned on to properly be configured.  

  1. Can Edit Link Expiry Date - Allows all users within this configuration to edit the expiration date of any HubShare Link that they create
  2. Access Form - The default setting for Access Forms.
    1. None  
      1. No Access Forms are available, all viewer data will be anonymous and aggregated.
    2. Optional  
      1. Access Forms can be enabled or disabled by each user when they create a link. 
        1. If enabled all viewer data will be unique and associated with their name/email. 
        2. If disabled all viewer data will be aggregated and anonymous.
    3. Mandatory  
      1. All HubShare links will have an Access Form.


Update the Platform Configuration for Sharing

  1. Navigate to Platform configuration down to the Content section where a new Sharing section will now show up. All sharing settings will now be configured from here. Once you hit the button to allow sharing you will want to go through the additional areas below to configure to your needs.
    1. Sharing Defaults - Set as Email or Link 
      1. Opens the Create Share modal with either Email or Link as the primary option. Users can switch between the two if both are enabled at any time.
    2. Story Sharing Defaults
      1. These are all the same settings from the “Story” section of platform config, but now they live in the “Sharing” section
    3. Link Sharing Defaults  
      1. Admins are able to adjust the default options for when users create a HubShare Link
      2. Add Access Form by default
        1. If the Access Form is enabled and set to optional for a Configuration Bundle then this setting will automatically enable Access Forms for all users creating a Hubshare. 
          1. For users who have optional Access Forms, they can remove the Access Form. 
          2. For users who have mandatory  Access Forms, this setting has no impact. 
          3. For users who do not have Access Forms enabled, this setting has no impact.
      3. Default Link Expiry Duration  
        1. Admins can turn on Link Expiry by default with this setting and set the default expiration timeline in “Days”. 
        2. If users have the ability to change expiration dates in their configuration bundle then they will be able to adjust the default timeline, if that is not enabled for them then every link will have the default timeline.
      4. Expired Links Can Be Extended  
        1. If this is enabled, all users who create a HubShare Link will have the ability to reactivate the link after it expires. Reactivated links will have the same expiration timeline that was set during Link creation.
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