How to Access Bigtincan Analytics

There are a few updates to the Analytics login and side bar icon. This article will take you through the configuration to turn on the icon and the updates to the login. 


How to Access Analytics If 9 Dots is Enabled

  1. Select Analytics from the dropdown menu (please note that your menu options may differ)

  1. You will automatically be signed in and redirected to Bigtincan Analytics. 



How to Access Analytics if 9 Dots is Not Enabled

  1.  Click on the Pie Chart Icon on the bottom left hand side of the navigation, which will redirect you to the Analytics Launch Page


  1. Once the Analytics page is up please click the "Launch Bigtincan Analytics" button


  1. If you don't see the Pie Chart icon on the left-hand nav, the feature may not be enabled. In that case, please contact your administrator or customer success representative.










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