2023 Bigtincan Drive Release Notes

Bigtincan Drive Release Notes


As an integration project, Bigtincan Drive updates may extend to multiple products. These release notes will highlight the key updates that impact Drive administrators.

March 14 - Mar 28, 2023


New Features/Improvements

  • Prevent BNSK presentations that are archived, expired, hidden, and inactive from showing in the Hub File selector when adding to a Story. Presentations that are marked as only 
  • Update BNSK presentation tags and names in a Story when those fields are changed in Brainshark
  • Sort BNSK items alphabetically in the Hub File Selector 
  • Ability to add .btca and .rtf files from Drive into a Story



  • Drive files are able to be added and removed individually to and from HubShares and Pitch Builder.
  • Brainshark SCORM courses no longer prompt for login when opened from Hub 


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