Bigtincan Drive Overview

What is Bigtincan Drive?

Drive for Bigtincan serves as a content library accessible across all platforms so your users can seamlessly utilize the uploaded files.  Drive is a new centralized CMS for enhanced platform-level content management.

Bigtincan Drive empowers admins to:

  • Update once and publish everywhere
  • Consolidate files storage and the file life-cycle management
  • Leverage version control capabilities for all of their content
  • Support all regions with multi-language support at the individual file level


Who uses Drive?

Administrators will access Drive, upload and manage the content. 

End users will access the uploaded content from the products they can access on their computers and mobile devices. The End Users will have access to multiple types of files from different products centralized in the platform they are in.  


Access Drive

Administrators wishing to upload content to Bigtincan Drive will access the Drive through the 9 Dots Integration. 

  1. Navigate to the Content Hub
  2. Select the 9 Dots menu in the upper left corner:
  3. Select the Drive option from the dropdown menu
  4. Administrators will be directed to a page similar to the following:

Welcome to Bigtincan Drive! For more information on uploading content and navigating the platform please visit our supplemental documentation. 

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