Create New Users

The Users option allows administrators to add new users, edit existing users, add users to groups, and more. To manage users and groups, navigate to Platform Configuration > Users

This page is organized in a tabular format in which Groups are listed first, then Users of the respective groups, and followed by the user information. This page allows for the creation of new groups and new users, as well as edit existing ones.

Create New Users

To create new users, navigate to Platform Configuration  > Users > Select the "+" located at the top of the User column. This procedure allows for the adding of new users, set user roles, assign configuration bundles and define certain user parameters. 

Option Description
First Name Enter the first name of the user.
Last Name Enter the last name of the user. 
Email Enter the email address of the user. 
Default Language

Select the default language. 



Select the role to assign the user. There are three options for assigning roles to users. 

  • User: Allows the user to access standard content. 
  • Structure Administrator: Allows the user to manage the content structure. This role has no access to content. 
  • Administrator: Allows the user to perform administration tasks such as configuring users, groups, configuration bundles, and more. This role has access to content. 
Groups Add the user to one or more groups. Start typing the group name in the Add Groups field, and select the checkbox of the required groups.
A user may also be deemed a group administrator by clicking the checkbox labeled "Administrator." 

Choose the status of the user. There are three options for assigning statuses to users.

  • Active: Active users can sign in to the Bigtincan Hub. 
  • Inactive: Inactive users cannot sign in to the Bigtincan Hub. 
  • Invited: Invited users have a profile generated but user hasn’t created a password yet.
Send Invitation Email Choose if the newly created user should receive an invitation email. 
Configuration Bundle Choose the configuration bundle for the user. 
Allow Content Bundle Promoting Select the checkbox to allow the user to promote a story/content bundle. When user chooses to promote the story, a device notification is sent to all the users who are subscribed to the story. 
Enable Advanced Reporting Select the checkbox to allow the user to create and view advanced reports. 
Enable Marketing Dashboard Select the checkbox to allow the user to view the marketing dashboard in the reports section. 
Enable Sale Dashboard Select the checkbox to allow the user to view the sales dashboard in the reports section.
Enable Personal Reports Select the checkbox to allow the user to create and view personal reports. 
Send Digest Emails Select to send digest emails to the user. To learn more on configuring the digest email template, go to Email 
Timezone Select the timezone of the user. 
Platform Choose the platforms on which the user can access the Bigtincan Hub. 
Device Storage Limit Activate the storage limit by checking the box "Limit Cache Size." Specify the number of GB's allowed for this specific user's device.
*Note: If administrators enter a greater value than the device can withstand, the device will download until there is no more storage space. 
Job Title Enter the user's job title. 
Password Enter the login password. 
Confirm Password Re-enter the login password.
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