Why does Brainshark recommend against audio criteria set above 80%?

Content authors or Learning authors can enable completion requirements for presentations or courses. Brainshark recommends against authors setting Audio completion criteria above 80 percent. This is because if the Audio criteria is above 80 % and the viewer leaves one slide even .01 second early, this can prevent completion.

The Audio criteria could also be referred to as the duration requirement. Each individual slide will have a set time that is tracked in seconds. The Audio criteria tracks the timer that ticks across the bottom of the Brainshark player slides. Please note that In some cases this timer may be hidden from the viewer due to settings the author selects. 


Question slides may also factor into the completion if the Audio criteria is set too high. In some cases the viewer may answer a question slide and move on too quickly before the slide timer can complete. This can lead to missed Audio criteria. 

Even if a slide does not have any audio files recorded or uploaded, the Audio criteria would require the viewer to complete the set % duration of the individual slide times for all slides.


Please Note:

  • If an author has required audio criteria above 80%, and the viewer has not met completion after achieving all the other requirements, we would recommend to replay every slide in it's entirety, including question slides. 
  • Presentations or courses are all fully owned and operated by the company who acquired the Brainshark account. Brainshark Support would not be able to reduce any criteria, or have any direct influence over the requirements that the content author selects. 


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