How to set up a presentation to be used at a kiosk

When viewing a presentation from a kiosk where multiple viewers will be accessing the same presentation, there are several factors that should be considered:

  • If "Resume Views" is enabled on a presentation, all viewers will be brought to the slides that the previous viewer left off on.  All presentations that may be viewed from a kiosk should have "Resume Views" turned off, so each new viewer can be brought to the beginning of the presentation.
  • When a presentation is viewed a subsequent time on a computer, the second view may not have the guest book displayed. The application "remembers" the previous entry and automatically assigns it to the current user. To prevent this from happening and be sure that all users receive a guest book to complete, the parameter n=0 should be added to the end of the presentation URL to force a new view every time the presentation is viewed.


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