How to enable Closed Captions for your organization’s Brainshark site

Closed Captions are a great way to enhance your content and make it more accessible to all viewers. Closed Captions can be added to Brainshark presentations or courses by authors when publishing content, but first, this feature will need to be enabled for the Brainshark site by a Company Administrator. 

To enable the ability for authors to upload Closed Captions:

  1. Navigate to your Administration tools by selecting your profile name in the top-right.
  2. Select Company from the left hand Settings Menu.
  3. Select Presentations from the drop down menu.
  4. Select Player and Viewer Options from the drop down menu.
  5. Scroll down to the 'Closed Captioning' section and toggle the Enable Closed Captioning setting to the left (as shown below):
  6. Click Save at the top right of this page to submit your changes.


Note: Once this functionality has been enabled, the authors will need to create and upload WebVTT files for the captions to each slide individually. At this time we do not have an auto-transcription functionality. Please review the related articles below for additional details.


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