How do I Import Course Completion Results?

When the completion information to multiple courses and/or multiple students needs to be imported into Brainshark, Course Completion results can be imported in bulk. Course Completion results may be imported by Learning Authors, Company Administrators, or Learning Administrators.

To import Course Completion results:

  1. Navigate to Brainshark Learning > My Courses & Curriculums.
  2. Select the Upload Course Completions button on the upper right-hand side of the page.
  3. Select Download Template, if necessary, to download the Course Completion Results Import Template.
  4. Complete the Course Completion Results Import Template. Template fields include:
    1. CourseID – this may be found on the My Courses & Curriculums page or in the URL when viewing course details
    2. CourseTitle – this is for your reference only and is not validated during import
    3. Username – the student’s username
    4. CompletionDate – the format is MM/DD/YYYY
    5. Score – optional
  5. After completing the template, select Upload .csv.


  • These results must be uploaded as a .csv file. 
  • We recommend limiting your file to 10,000 rows or less.
  • The file may contain multiple different courses
  • Students not already enrolled in the course are enrolled and immediately set to complete. 
  • Coaching course enrollments may not be set to complete through this import. 
  • Course session enrollments may not be set to complete through this import.


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