What does the "Source" column in a User Data report indicate?

The Source column on the Users Data report represents "where" a user was registered or created from. This is most commonly used to display which self-registration user template was used to create that user.

Example: a self-registration URL might look something like this: 


The Source column of the Users Data report would list that user's source as "581128" as this pertains to the user ID associated with that self-registration template

Other values may appear and are noted below:

  • 0 = user was manually created by an Administrator in Brainshark
  • 101 = user was created through webservices, most likely through API (Salesforce CRM Connector, etc.)
  • 102 = user was created through the bulk upload process
  • 105 = user created specifically from SSO auto-create function
  • 106 = user was auto-created through a 3rd-party integration (Salesforce user sync, auto-create through Highspot, Salesforce, etc.)


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