How to Copy a Course or Curriculum in Learning

If you would like to copy a course or curriculum in Learning, you will be able to do so through the user interface on the Courses & Curriculums page. To copy a course or curriculum you will need to be a Learning Author, a Learning Administrator*, or a Company Administrator.

To copy a Course or Curriculum in Learning:

  1. Navigate to the Learning Tab
  2. At the top of the page, select My Courses & Curriculums 
  3. Locate the content you wish to copy and mark the checkboxes to the left of the titles
  4. Once selected, click the Copy button above the navigation tool highlighted below: mceclip0.png
  5. Select your Destination Folder
  6. Select Apply 


  • Up to 5 items may be copied at a time while using this feature.
  • Imported courses cannot be copied - these will instead need to be re-uploaded as new courses in Learning 
  • A Learning Administrator will be able to copy a course if the site setting to allow Learning Administrators to edit/delete content is enabled. To enable this setting, contact your Company Administrator and have them reach out to Brainshark Support to process this request. This setting change can only be approved by a Company Administrator.


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