How do I establish Group Managers?

Company Administrators will have access to establish Group Managers. Group Managers may be established manually, or through the Group Bulk Upload form.


To assign Group Managers manually: 

  1. Select the Administration tab.
  2. Select Groups on the left hand menu
  3. Select Manage Groups from the drop down menu. 
  4. Search for the desired group, and select the three dots (ellipses) under the 'Actions' column.
  5. Select Profile from the dropdown menu.
  6. Select the Find icon under the 'Group Managers' section.
  7. Search for the user profile & click the username in blue.
  8. Changes will save automatically. Once applied, the user profile name will be listed under the Group Managers section.

Please Note:

  • Groups can have multiple Group Managers assigned. User profiles can also be listed as managers to multiple groups.



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