Why can't I see the option to add a question as an Author of a presentation?

If you are the Author of a presentation and/or Learning course and do not see the option to "Add A Question" under the Things you can do menu while in the edit mode of a presentation, your Company Administrator will need to review your user profile settings.  The setting, "User can create questions" should be enabled in order for you to see the option to "Add A Question".

To confirm if the setting User can create questions is enabled, a Company Administrator should follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Administration.
  2. Select Manage Users in the Users dropdown.
  3. Locate the user, hover your cursor over the user and click the three dots that appear to the right.
  4. Select Profile.
  5. Scroll down to User privileges, and check the box next to User can create questions to enable this setting.

  6. Click Submit to save changes.




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