2023 Learning Hub Release Notes

iOS, Windows, and Android will be supporting the 2 most recent operating systems prior to the most current update

All modern and up-to-date browsers are supported, and we recommend you keep up with updates for the best security and experience. IE 11 is not supported.


Web/Admin Release August 8, 2023

Better Authentication Token Management

Third-party authentication tokens sometimes require manual updating which can interrupt seamless login for users. To provide more management options to align with popular services (and prevent interruptions), a setting is now available to set refresh token intervals. 

The setting is located in Admin > Settings > API Clients > details page. The options are available in the Refresh Token Expiration drop down field according to what your specific issue is. Our team can assist with any adjustments that are needed if your organization is experiencing issues related to authentication.



Web/Admin Release August 1, 2023

File Preview in Drive

  • Admins are now able to open documents and images into a viewer from within Zunos Admin. Simply click on the name of the content to open the viewer.
    • The Preview capability is intended to provide a tool to quickly review the file and its content to be confident that Admins are acting on the expected content. 
    • This does not impact the Zunos-created files such as content pages and quizzes.
  • The viewer is added to the existing Media Editor page for editing metadata and settings and viewing previous versions. 
  • Controls - 
    • Navigation via page number and arrow icons. You can also speed scroll documents vertically.
    • Magnification Options - Preset options from 50-200%

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 9.28.54 AM.png

  • Language Versions is moved to a new Settings tab. The tab is renamed for more clarity.

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 9.30.05 AM.png

  • The initial release enables the following types to be viewed:
    • PDF
    • Powerpoint (limited to slide view with no animations)
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Images, GIFs
  • Preview capabilities for videos, SCORM and HTML packages will be coming soon.
  • To edit the media content itself, admins need to download the media and edit in their preferred applications.
  • If a file type can not currently be previewed, the landing page will have an easy download button if you want to view the file on your computer.

Enabling for your organization:

  • This feature is not enabled by default.
  • Contact your Bigtincan representative to enable this feature at no additional cost.



Web/Admin Release July 25, 2023


  1. Working with Smart Groups
    • The Smart Groups page now retains the search set of items instead of resetting the search.
    • After modification of an existing Smart Group, the current search page is retained so that other groups on that page can be modified without re-searching.
  2. User Registration Forms
    • Admins can now add user registration custom fields to the initial Registration page for new users and restrict those fields from subsequent editing by the user. 


  1. Can edit the Technical tab when editing media items


Web/Admin Release July 18, 2023


  1. User Verification Improvements
    • When a user already has a Zunos account and is added to another Organization, that user must go through a verification step for security reasons.
    • Detect on import - When you import a list of users, we now send a verification notice to those with an existing account. This eliminates having to add users manually by your CS team. 
    • Resend verifications - There is now a way to resend a verification email and in-app message from the Unverified Users list if your users have missed the notice. 
  2. Hosting Zip Files
    • Drive can now host .zip file types that are one or more files compressed into a single file for easy organization and uploading.
    • These are now automatically differentiated from Microsite (SCORM and HTML) files when uploaded.
    • A new media type icon represents .zip files


  1. Zunos Upload improvements - All Zunos uploads have better error reporting and improved validation and performance.


Web/Admin Release June 27-July 4 2023


  1. Assignments by Managers in Manager Dashboard Views (Web only, iOS feature is coming)
    • Activation of this feature is managed by your Customer Success team. It is deactivated by default. 
    • The feature enables Managers to select and assign content for one of their groups or individuals they manage. 
    • There is similar functionality to the Admin Assignment feature. Managers can schedule and select to Allow past due date. 
      • Managers can only schedule for users and groups for which they are assigned Managers for. 
    • Managers can see what they have assigned by using the Assigned by me filter in the Assignments view.
    • Users can see all manager assignments with a new Dashboard Dynamic Content Widget setting.

How to Assign Content

  1. Navigate to a content item in a specific group
  2. Tap the “Send” icon to launch the Assignment screen for that content item
  3. The content item will automatically populate in the screen
  4. Assign dates (optional)
  5. Allow past due date will activate if you assign dates. If you enable this, your users will be able to see the assignment after the due date expires. If it is not enabled, your users will no longer see the assignment once the due date is past.
  6. Select the users from that group to get the assignment. You can select some or all and can search for users by name
  7. Once set, click Send at the top right of the popup screen.
  8. A confirmation message will show the details of how many users and what content the manager assigned.


  1. Reports
    • Updated All Content Report
      • Added New Filter for Learning Objects. This adds columns for Learning Objects in the Report.
      • The benefit is that admins can now see which media items are contained within Learning Objects for managing inactive content and seeing a list of all Learning Objects where a specific item is embedded. 
    • Leaderboard User Activities Report - This report provides a list of all transactions per a specific Leaderboard per user. This includes any updates via the new API.
    • Notifications Reports - Updated to include all notifications whereas previously it was only showing certain types of notifications.
  2. MDV - Completion calculations for the left hand MDV sections are now showing the same as completion sort. Were previously showing engagement calculations.
  3. MDV - New Group Search All limits results to only those object types that are showing in MDV.
    • This search also allows users to search for partial matches without having to add any special characters.
  4. Replaced content selector in several Admin sections for better performance for customers with large content libraries and live content
    • Achievements
    • Assignments
    • Content Pages
    • Message Templates and New Messages
    • Quizzes


  1. Fixed Email templates that include a deep link to a Form were opening to the incorrect page on web and Android
  2. MDV User Engagement numbers fixed - Assignments that were expired and closed in Admin were still being calculated with the engagement score
    • If Allow Past Due Date is off for that assignment, it is removed from the engagement calculation once expired.


Web/Admin Releases May 2023


  1. Updated Search UI for Drive
    • Updated UI elements
    • New filters for Custom Fields, Date Modified, & File Size
    • This promotes a more efficient experience when searching for content in Drive
  2. Added ContentID and ContentGUID to the All Content Report


  1. Addressed an issue ensuring appropriate results when copying and pasting an achievement
  2. Updated video player for a better picture quality
  3. Fixed access and display issues for Unsplash Photos
  4. Updates ensuring changes to an Event Confirmation email apply only to the event being edited, all other event confirmation emails will remain the same
  5. PDF files originating via the Box Integration will not display as expected
  6. Scheduled messages (when sourced from a template) can now be deleted as expected
  7. Added size messaging when configuring Leaderboards
    • When leaderboard exceeds 100 users, a message is displayed: “Top 100 Shown In App”
  8. Dynamic Content Widgets can be configured to show only registered events and not include all events
  9. Improved performance when editing file names, tags, and groups
  10. Drive Search box clears when clicking on a folder in the Drive list



May 9, 2023


  1. Add Content ID Filter to the All Content Report
    • This allows admins to connect custom fields and content items. 


  1. Addressed an issue ensuring appropriate results when copying and pasting an achievement

iOS 5.36

March 14, 2023


  1. Improved management of PDF files so users do not have files occupying too much storage space.


iOS 5.35

Feb 2023


  1. Feedback forms automatically linked to Courses.

    • Administrators can link a single feedback form to all courses. Any submissions will automatically include which course the form was submitted for. 

    • The course name will also be included in reports.


  1. Updates to Quizzes - repeatedly tapping the submit button was impeding submissions.

  2. Updates to Forms ensuring proper functionality and display of the Add Section (+) to Forms



iOS 5.34

Feb 2023


  1.  Photo Picker

    • User enabled to select a set of photos for Forms


  1. Addresses issues ensuring that deleted files no longer display in search

  2. Addressed issues ensuring Language translations display appropriately for the persistent navigation elements and Achievement tasks 


Web Release

Jan 31 2023


  1. Ensured Achievement Tasks translate correctly

  2. Improved update response when removing a user from the group


  1. Addressed an issue ensuring direct links embedding in Event email templates open as expected


iOS 5.33 

Jan 2023


  1. Multiple language file availability on the content media server 
  2. Streaming SCORM files
    • Improved performance for using SCORM files by streaming them 
    • Streaming files is enabled by default
  3. Added more localized language instructions for the user language switching feature
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