Coaching Redesign - Feedback and Dashboard Pages

Feedback Page 

The feedback page is accessible to Head Coaches, Creators, Reviewers, and Participants.  The functionality is the same for all personas with a few significant differences. 


The feedback page is currently separated into two sections:        

  • Reviewer Feedback
  • Automated Feedback 


Participant Selector

Clicking on the Select Participant button will open the participant selector on the left-side of the screen.

The participant selector tray is where Reviewers can select different participants to review. Reviewers can use the sort or search features in order to find participants they are looking to review. Simply click on the Sort By drop-down menu and select whether you want to sort your participants by Machine Score, Reviewer Score, or Reviews. You then can select the Sort Order drop-down menu to sort the participant list in ascending or descending order. Reviewers can also use the search feature by typing the participant’s name into the search bar.


The participant’s submissions will be grouped into sections within the participant selector. 

To Review Participant’s submissions that are submitted and are waiting to be reviewed.
Reviewed Participant’s submissions that have been submitted and have already received one or more reviews.
Invited Participants that have been invited to the activity but they have yet to send in a submission.


Depending on the activity and the settings of the activity, some activities allow participants to submit more than one entry. If this is the case, reviewers can use the Version Indicator to switch back and forth between a participant’s submissions. 


Video Playback Component

The video playback component in the center of the screen will play the video or document submitted by the participant selected from the participant selector. Similar to other player windows, this video player includes speed controls as well as full-screen mode to play the participant’s submission.

Clicking on the Instructions button under the player window will bring up the instructions for the given activity within a pop-up window. While clicking on the download icon allows the reviewer to download the participant’s submission.

If a participant has already submitted their submission and the activity allows for multiple entries, the participant will be able to re-submit their submission by clicking on the Re-Submit button.

The Video Playback component allows the participant or reviewer to playback their submission. Simply click on the play icon that appears over the video submission. 
Note: The video playback component and transcript appear on both the Reviewer Feedback tab and the Automated Feedback tab.

The Transcription of the submission appears below the Video Playback component. You can view any edits that were made by clicking on the Show Edits toggle.


Reviewer Feedback Tab

The Reviewer Feedback page displays human feedback such as ratings, comments, and categories; while a machine analysis determines the Automated Feedback page.

Note: Machine Analysis must be enabled in order to display the Automated Feedback tab.


Leaving Feedback

As a reviewer, you can leave a review on a submission by clicking on the Review button. You can also edit a previously submitted rating by clicking on the Edit Review button. Each category allows the reviewer to grade the submission based on that given category. Depending on the activity settings, the grading system can be a 1 through 10 scale, pass/fail, or no grading system at all. The default grading system is a 1 through 5 scale. The reviewer can rate the submission using the appropriate grading scale, as well as leave comments on each category. The General Feedback area allows the reviewer to sum up their feedback.

NOTE: If a grading scale is in place, the reviewer is required to enter a score for each category.

When reviewing a submission, the Add To leaderboard switch is set to on by default. If you wish to add the submission to the leaderboard, then you should keep this setting enabled. If you would NOT like to add the submission to the leaderboard, then you can disable the setting by toggling the Add to leaderboard switch.

NOTE: The leaderboard setting must be enabled on the activity in order to add submissions to the leaderboard.
mceclip6.pngThe feedback section allows for head coaches and participants to see any feedback for that given participant’s submission. The Average Reviewer Score appears at the top of the feedback table and is the average of all of the scores that have been submitted by the reviewers. 

Note: Only participants and head coaches can see all reviewer feedback. When a reviewer (non-head coach) gives a review, they are not able to see other reviews left on the submission.

Automated Feedback Tab

The Automated Feedback tab displays the analysis results from Machine Analysis. Please note that Machine Analysis must be enabled in order to view the Automated Feedback tab.


Topic Coverage

The Topic Coverage section displays the table of topics that should have been covered and avoided. If the participant covered the topics within the list, they will get a pass. If the participant did not cover a topic within the list, they will get a fail. The participant will need to avoid any of the topics mentioned in the avoid section in order to get a pass.



The Grade Level indicator is the expectation of what particular public-school grade level the submission falls under. This setting will need to be enabled by the creator or else the indicator will be hidden for reviewers and participants.

The Filler Words indicator showcases the percentage of Filler Words that appeared within the speech during the span of the submission.


The Duration indicator is the length of time of the current submission. The Target Range displays the expected duration length of the submission.

The Rate of Speech indicator displays the amount of words per minute that the participant spoke during the submission.




Word Cloud

The Word Cloud identifies the words that were most commonly used throughout the submission. The bigger the word within the cloud, the more that word was used throughout the submission.


Dashboard Page

The new Coaching dashboards serve as a landing page for Coaching access and have sorting, filtering, and searching features.  Dashboards have a table view and include options based on the persona accessing the page (e.g., Head Coach, Reviewer, Creator, Participant).


Dashboard Header

 The Dashboard header contains helpful data tables for easy access to overview:    

  • Activities To Review – For Reviewers and Head Coaches
  • Activities To Be Completed – For Participants
  • Personal Average Score - For Participants

All Activities

The All Activities dashboard can be accessed by Head Coaches. The dashboard showcases a list of all activities. The Head Coach can easily search for an activity using the search bar or by filtering their results within the Filters menu.

Activity Reviews

The Activity Reviews dashboard is a dual-purpose dashboard for creators and reviewers. This dashboard showcases the activities that will need to be reviewed by the reviewer.

My Activities

The My Activities dashboard is the Participant’s view of all the activities that they have been assigned. The To Be Completed section shows the number of activities that need to be completed out of the total number of activities. The Personal Avg Score is the average of the most recent versions of all reviewed activities.


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