What is Advanced Feedback?

Bigtincan's Advanced Feedback for Brainshark Coaching Activities helps your teams refine their presentation and communication skills to better connect with your customers and prospects. Advanced Feedback provides presenters with a detailed analysis of their speech and an easy-to-understand Vocal Delivery Score which helps users to proactively identify and fill competency gaps for stronger buyer engagements.

Turning on Advanced Feedback for your Site

Advanced Feedback and Automated Feedback will be turned on at Site level first via Bigtincan Site Administrators. Automated Feedback (Machine Analysis) must be enabled for Advanced Feedback to be enabled.

To start using Advanced Feedback, ensure that your coaches have the Activity Creator permission turned on within their use profile privileges combined with the setting 'can create Coaching challenges with advanced Feedback.


Advanced Feedback can then be enabled per Coaching activity alongside Automated Feedback. Advanced Feedback is always dependent on Automated Feedback first being enabled at both the Site and activity levels.


Enabling Advanced Feedback

In order to enable Advanced Feedback for your Coaching Activity, Automated Feedback will first need to be enabled. 

  1. When creating your Coaching Activity, click on the Automated Feedback toggle.
  2. Check off the Advanced Feedback toggle.
  3. Click on the Save As Draft or the Save button in order to store your settings for the activity moving forward.


After recording, the Advanced Feedback offers licensed users a numerical score and suggestions for improvement. You can click on any of the metrics provided to view details.


Vocal Delivery Score

The Vocal Delivery Score is a formula that combines the available metrics into a numeric score from 1 to 10, so you can measure and track improvement.

Get insight into vocal clarity, pace, pausing, and more, all summarized in one easy-to-understand score. More information regarding the Vocal Delivery Score components can be found on the Next Steps tab.

Strength of Opening

Analyze and grade a speaker’s first few opening sentences within their speech. A strong opening sets the tone and draws your audience in from the start, making them eager to want to keep listening. The Strength of Opening shows how enthusiastic the speaker sounds within the first 30 seconds of their speech on a scale of 10. The bar will be color-coded green if the speaker reached the ideal Strength of Opening score, yellow for an average score, while red means the Strength of Opening needs improvement.


Clarity measures how easy the speaker’s words are to understand. It is important for the speaker to speak clearly and concisely. The analysis will determine a numerical score out of 10. Similar to the Strength of Opening, if the speaker’s clarity score is ideal, the bar will appear green. If the score ends up in the middle, the bar will appear yellow. While if the clarity score is on the lower end, the bar will appear red.


Pacing is the rate of which the presenter is speaking during the video relative to the ideal range recommended for public speaking. Pacing ranges from too little, ideal, and too much. This metric will measure the speaker’s rate of syllables per second. If the speaker is talking too fast, the metric will report “too fast”. 



The presenters’ talk-to-pause ratio compared to the recommended range. This metric will allow the speaker to see if they are pausing too much, too little, or the ideal amount.


The upspeak metric takes into account the number of times the speaker used upspeak during their speech. Upspeak is when the intonation or pitch of the speaker’s voice rises at the end of a sentence. The ideal outcome is for the speaker to use “none” or “some” upspeak. This metric will also display if the speaker is using too much upspeak.

Variety of Volume, Pace, and Pitch

The Variety metrics consider the previously mentioned metrics (volume, pacing, and upspeak), but based on the total percentage of time. The speaker should showcase a variety of the previously mentioned metrics, while the ideal is to score a variety score of over 51 percent for each of the metrics.

Next Steps

The Next Steps tab provides the speaker with direction on recommended next steps for achieving success, while also providing constructive feedback. The Vocal Delivery Score will also appear on this page along with a pro tip for the speaker. 

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