Content Versioning

What is Content Versioning?

Admins can now manage versions of their content for files, courses, quizzes, and content pages, forms, messages and dashboards. This enables content creators and publishers to better control content updates and track changes to content. 


Accessing Content Versions

  1. Administrators log in to the Admin Portal

  2. Navigate to Drive

  3. Select desired content 

  4. Open the Version History by going to the Edit Content page

  5. Click on the Version History button to see the listed versions in the top right of the screen. Whenever changes are made to the content, a new version i


  1. Select the version you wish to make edits. Once changes are made, click the “Save” option. This will generate a new version.
    Note: Saving creates a new public version of the content and replaces the current version for your users. 


Managing Content Versions

  1. View an older version-  To view an older version, simply click on that version in the list.
    Restore an older version by navigating to the version you want and clicking the Restore button when viewing. That action will replace the current version. Admins can also open the options menu directly on the version list by clicking on the ellipses.

  1. Name your version- You can name the version as an option. Open the Edit Version menu by clicking on the ellipsis next to the version name.

    Note: Versions are automatically tagged with the date and time you saved it.

  1. Fill in the Description field to communicate more details about what was changed.





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