File Activities Dashboard

The Files Activities Dashboard provides a convenient, one stop-shop for analytics regarding File Activity of content previously uploaded into the Content Hub. 


Access the File Activities Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Bigtincan Analytics Dashboard

    *Note: Be sure to select the “Analytics” tab at the top of  the dashboard, seen in the following image.
  2. In the side navigation bar, select Company Dashboards > Content> File Activity

  3. This will bring you to the File Activity Analytics Dashboard.                                                                                                                                

File Activity Analytics Dashboard Overview

  1. Average Daily File Activity

  2. Files Opened Over Time Activity

  3. Inactive Files

  4. Top 10 Files Opened

  5. Files Opened by Type (attached to top 10 files opened)

  6. Other File Stats


Average Daily File Activity

The Average Daily File Activity presents 3 different sets of Analytics.  

  1. Total Files Opened: A ground total of files that have been opened.

  2. Average Files Opened: The average number of files opened in a single day.
    Note: An additional statistic directly below includes the maximum number of files opened in one day so far.

  3. Average Users Opening Files: The average number of users opening files in a single day.
    Note: An additional statistic directly below includes the maximum number of users opening files in one day so far.





Files Opened Over Time Activity

The Files Opened Over Time displays both: 

  • Number of times the file was opened during the set time time period

  • The number of users who have opened the file during the set time period 

The Results are represented with a double Y axis for respective categories: 

Y-Axis 1: Number of files opened

Y-Axis 2: Number of users opening files 

X-Axis: The time period 


Inactive File


The Inactive File Section serves as a cumulative library of all files that have never been opened. The list will include both name and file ID for the content so administrators may conveniently evaluate the files performance.  


Top 10 Files Opened


The Top 10 Files section presents which files have been opened the most. This display offers, in order, the name of the file with subsequent bars representing the number of views. 


Administrators can select a file on this list for some additional details. 

  1. Select File

  2. Select “File Opens” option listed, seen in the image above. 

  3. This will auto populate respective information for the selected file in both

    1. Files Opened Over Time Activity Section (Seen in above section)

    2. Files Opened by Type (seen in following section)


Files Opened by Type

The Files Opened by Type selection offers visual representation on what types of files are being opened the most. This helps gauge what type of files seem to be more effective in reaching their target audience.

Other File Stats

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