How To Publish a Story

 How: Click on the + icon in the top right-hand corner and select the story



Provide a title and select a channel to publish the content to


Applying Watermark and File Share Status for files in stories

The file share status controls whether users are able to download the files to their computers to view outside of Hub

Applying a screen watermark for files makes it less easy for users to share sensitive content. If printing or emailing of the file is permitted this will not apply a watermark to those copies and the watermark should be created as part of the document





The difference between the mandatory and optional file share status is that the mandatory file needs to be included in the share but the optional the user can choose to leave out.



Allowing users to share content via email, print or open files of a story in another app

If you want to allow your users to email, print, or open files in the story using another app you will need to have sharing checked as well as the allow devices publicly available sharing options as shown below.



If you do not wish to allow your users to share content via an email address, uncheck the sharing option. The share button will not be available for users to share content with as shown below.



Example of the watermarked document view



Adding Meeting Date and Time to a story

Adding a meeting date and time triggers the story to appear in the meeting section and the weekly view of the standard custom home screen.


To add the meeting date and time scroll down to the meeting sections and click on the Add Meeting button.



The video link attached below demonstrates how to publish a story in LG Hub. 


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