Setting Groups and Users

Where: platform configuration > users

What you can do here: 

  • Setup users to access Hub
  • Create groups for users to belong to
  • Assign users to groups
  • Reset passwords for users
  • Deactivate a users account 



The following details can be set up for a user. See explanations of possible values that can be set.




  • User: Allows the user to access standard content. 
  • Structure Administrator: Allows the user to manage the content structure. This role has no access to content. 
  • Administrator: Allows the user to perform administration tasks such as configuring users, groups, configuration bundles, and more. This role has access to content. 


  • Invited: an email will be sent from the system to the user. 
  • Active: Active users can sign in to the Bigtincan hub. 
  • Inactive: Inactive users cannot sign in to the Bigtincan hub. 
  • Force password change: the user will be required to enter a new password - an option only for existing users

Configuration Bundle: Assign bundles in which you can control hub functionality visible to users

Story Promoting: Select the checkbox to allow the user to promote a story/content bundle. When a user promotes the story, a device notification is sent to all the users who are subscribed to the story.

Reporting/BI: Check Company Reports to gain visibility into dashboards and reports available to find out how users are interacting with the Hub and its contents

Send Digest Email: Send an auto-generated digest email detailing the latest activity in your Hub based on the period selected

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