Accessing LG Hub - iOS App


LG Hub is available on iOS devices through the Apple App Store.

In the App Store search for Bigtincan Hub or use this link.

Click Install 


Open the Bigtincan Hub and click Sign In

There are various methods of signing into LG Hub through the Windows app:

Cloud Only (No SSO Setup)

After clicking on Sign In

Ensure the following:

  • Options: Cloud Server
  • Region: Asia/Pacific

Type in your username and password and then Sign In


Enterprise Single Sign-On

After clicking on Sign In

Ensure the following:

  • Options: Enterprise Single Sign On
  • Region: Asia/Pacific
  • Company Identifier: <alias> e.g. lghub

You will be directed to your company's login page where you will sign in with your company's network username and password. Any issues logging in from the page you are redirected will be an issue with the setup of your SSO and needs to be raised with your internal IT team.


Please note: If your company has set up your account through single sign-on then you will not be able to login through Cloud unless your account has been setup for both.

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