Administrator Quick Start

As an Administrator, you are typically the person in your organization responsible for coordinating the needs of your marketing, sales and training departments in Veelo. You use Veelo to improve user productivity by centralizing and managing sales content, micro-training, coaching and more. You also monitor and generate reports for members of your stakeholder team. 

Veelo offers several options for you and your team to learn how to manage Veelo efficiently: 

  • Admin Training Series: on-demand videos for you to go at your pace (see below). 
  • Onboarding/Live Training Sessions: Your onboarding specialist and customer success manager will provide you guided support to configure and launch Veelo, as well as advice on how to set up a specific program. Never hesitate to contact support@veeloinc.comfor help.
  • Veelo Help Center: helpful articles and tutorials that will guide you through all aspects of the product.

Admin Training Series

1. Adding and Managing Users (8:21)

2. Adding and Managing Content (7:49)

3. Creating and Assigning To-Do's (8:23)

4. Determining Your CRM Reporting Strategy (3:38)

5. Content Strategy Part 1: Making Content Decisions (4:24)


6. Content Strategy Part 2: Organizing Your Content (4:15)


7. Content Strategy Part 3: Tags, Filters & CRM Relevance (4:52)


8. Content Strategy Part 4: Working With your Content Audience (2:39)



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