Creating User Accounts in Veelo

Adding a new User in Veelo can be accomplished one user at a time, or you can upload several at a time using a CSV. You can add them in the Veelo Management controls the area, or, if you have a Premium or Enterprise subscription with CRM user provisioning turned on, you can create new users automatically within your CRM.

This article will walk you through how to add users:

  • Individually through Management Controls
  • Using CVS

For CRM user provisioning instructions, please search the Help Center for instructions for your specific system, or ask your customer success manager for additional details.

Adding Individual Users

  1. While in theManagement Control Area, click theUsers tab.

  2. Click the New User button.

  3. Enter the user information:
    a) First and Last Name (required)
    b) Email Address (required)
    c) Title (optional)
    d) Company (optional)

  4. Customize the email sent to the new user. Customizing the activation email is optional since there is default text, but we recommend making it relevant for your users to encourage prompt action. Click the Save button when done, and the system will email the user with your custom message as well as instructions on how to activate their account.

Adding Multiple New Users using CSV Upload

  1. While in the Management Control Area, click the Users tab.

  2. Click the Upload CSV Of Users button.

  3. Download the example CSV.

  4. Open the sample CSV. You will see that the following user information includes these fields:

    First and Last Name (required)
    Email Address (required)
    Job Title
    Tags  (e.g., Territory: Midwest); separate multiple tags with commas
    Circle (e.g., “All”); separate multiple Circles with commas

    Fill the CSV with the required information.

    NOTE: Do not delete any columns when completing the spreadsheet, and do not rename any of the column headers. Leave the information blank if you don't wish to include it.

  5. Save the CSV in CSV UTF-8 format once you've filled in the information. Return to the Upload a CSV of new users page, and select Choose File to upload your new saved CSV.

  6. Find and select the file from your computer. Once the file is uploaded, click Step 1:Upload File.

  7. The system will parse the data, and you will have the opportunity to check that the CSV contains all the necessary information. If the CSV is correct, click Step 2: Confirm Users in the bottom right. If the is missing information, you will need to correct the CSV and re-start the process to upload the corrected CSV.

  8. After you have confirmed users, you will be able to customize the activation e-mail sent to the new users.

  9. Once you're done editing the message, click Create Users and Send Message. The system will create new accounts for those users, and your customized activation email will be sent to your users, with instructions for activating their new accounts.
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