Managing User Permissions - Veelo

You can make some user managers to provide them with administrative access to Veelo. Veelo also allows you to provide different permissions for the different roles required by your Veelo managers and administrators.

  1. While in the Management Controls Area, click the Managers tab.

  2. In the bottom right hand corner, click the Make Managers button.

  3. Select the users you wish to make into managers. If you do not see the users you want, make sure you select the All filter under the search bar.

  4. Click complete on the bottom right.
  5. Once a user has been given manager access, Click on the Edit link to to provide the desired permissions.

    From here, you can select the appropriate permissions for each user:

    Reporting: By default, a user will be given Reporting permission, which allows them to look at the user and content reports within Veelo.
    Coaching ReviewThis grants the user the ability to review Video Coaching To-Do's.
    Sync: This allows a user to sync to a content repository, such as Box, Dropbox, etc.
    Users: The ability to add and remove users from the system.
    Content: The ability to add files or create new Paks, Coachings, and Collections, and to apply existing tags to the content.
    Access: Allows the manager to provide access to content by adding users or content to a Circle.
    Tags: Allows managers to create new tags and tag categories.
    Administrative: A shortcut that automatically selects Reporting, Users, Content, Tags, and Access permissions.

  6. Click the Save button when done.

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