Providing Content Access to your Users

Provide content access to your teams using Circles. Circles consist of content—Paks, Collections, files—and groups of users. Add users to Circles that contain the content you want them to access.


Don’t hesitate to create a Circle for each role or functional group that needs access to Veelo, such as Marketing, Account Executives, or SDRs. Creating Circles based on geographic location or partner level can also be useful.


Users can belong to multiple Circles. Don’t worry if they have access to the same content through more than one Circle; they’ll see only one copy. If a user can’t see a piece of content, ensure you’ve added it to at least one of the Circles they belong to.


Think about your reporting needs as well as content access: will you need to look at content usage and training progress based on team, territory, or other factors? If so, creating separate Circles allows you to report on the specific members of those Circles more easily. 

Creating a Circle

  1. While in the Management Controls area, click the Circles tab. You can create a new Circle by clicking on the New Circle button.

  2. Add the information for your Circle:

  3. Name: Be short but descriptive, and base the name on role, territory, training cohort, or whatever other means you need. Your end users won't see the names of the Circles they belong to, but your fellow Veelo managers will be able to see them in the Management Controls area.
    Timezone: This timezone will dictate when notifications and training will be delivered for this particular Circle.
    Description: This description will be visible only to your fellow Veelo administrators and managers. Include a short description if the name doesn't adequately capture who the users are.
  4. Click Save when done.
  5. You can also copy an existing Circle by clicking on its Clone button. By cloning a Circle, everything except users and To-Do due dates will be copied. You can then click on the new Circle's name to edit it. This is particularly useful for copying Circles that have been set up with a series of To-Dos.

Adding Content to a Circle

Once you have created a circle, you can choose to add users and content in any order. We recommend adding content first for new Circles for a few reasons:

  • Users will receive only one email with a list of all the content in the Circle they have access to, instead of multiple emails as you add different pieces of content.
  • You can ensure the content is sequenced and assigned properly before users see it.
  • More flexibility in adding, reordering, and deleting content before rolling it out to users.

For these reasons, we’ll add content first in our example.

  1. Select the new Circle you have created. Click on the Circle Content tab, and then click on the appropriate content type to add to the Circle. In our example, we’ll show you how to add a file. The steps are substantially similar for all the content types.

  2. Click the Add Files button.

  3. From here, you can select the Files you would like to add to your Circle and then select Continue.

  4. You will have the option to send a notification to the users in the Circle. The notification will include your customized message, as well as links to the individual pieces of content made available to them in the Circle.

    NOTE: Sending a notification is always optional. This is fine for new Circles with no users, because there’s nobody to notify, but for Circles that already contain users, if you skip the notification, users will not receive an email about the new content.

    When done, click Finish.

Adding Users to a Circle

  1. While in a Circle, click on the Users tab and click on the Add Users button.

  2. Select the users you’d like to add, then click Continue.

  3. You’ll be taken to the e-mail notification screen. These customizable content access notifications are always optional. If you had opted to add content first, checking Notify users of access to new material will send a notification to the newly-added users about the content they now have access to. However, if you’re adding new users to Circle without any content, you can skip this notification step. Click Add Users to finish adding them to the Circle.
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