Installing and Configuring the Veelo App in Microsoft Dynamics

The Veelo app for Microsoft Dynamics, available in the Microsoft AppSource marketplace, provides your salespeople with content, coaching, and more directly on the OpportunityContactAccount, or Lead page. Benefits include:

  • Improved sales effectiveness, with intelligent recommendations of the most relevant content for the deal at hand
  • Time savings with the ability to share collateral with prospects and customers right within Dynamics
  • Manager visibility into seller activity, with automatic logging of all share and content usage activities

To perform the steps in this article, you need to have administrative privileges in Dynamics.

Article Overview

This article covers the following areas:

Installing Veelo for Dynamics

Customizing Dynamics

Customizing Settings

Adding the Veelo iframe to Dynamics Entities

Editing Your User' Security Role Settings

Installing Veelo for Dynamics

  1. Click on the Settings menu, and click on Customization.

  2. In the Customization screen, click on Solutions.

  3. Click on the Import button.

  4. Browse to and import the file received from Veelo.

  5. Check the Enable any SDK message processing steps included in the solution box, then click on the Import button.

  6. Once the files are done importing, click the Close button.

Customizing Dynamics

  1. Click on the downward arrow in Settings, and choose Customization.

  2. Click on Customize the System.

  3. Expand the Entities subtree in the left menu, and scroll down until you see Veelo Config. Click on it, then check the Settings box.

  4. Click on the Save icon in the upper left corner. Once the system is done saving, click Publish. Once the system is done publishing, close the window.

Customizing Settings

  1. Click on the downward arrow in Settings, and choose Veelo Configs.

  2. Click on +NEW to add a new Veelo configuration.

  3. Enter the information as follows:

    • In the Veelo Host Name field, enter
    • Refer to the email you should have received from Veelo with your app configuration information for your Veelo Organization Key and Secret Key. Organization Keys and Secret Keys are unique to each customer; the key in the screenshot above is merely an example.
    • Click on Save.

Adding the Veelo Iframe to Dynamics Entities

The instructions in this section show you how to add the Veelo iframe to the Opportunities entity in Dynamics, but the steps are the same for all of them.

  1. Go to the entity in which you desire to add the Veelo iframe, and click on the Form button in the top bar.

  2. Go to the Insert tab in the upper left corner, then click on Section, and select One Column.

  3. In the One Tab section of the menu, click One Column.

  4. Double-click on the new tab to open the Tab Properties modal, and change both the name and label to Veelo. Click OK when done.

  5. In the Field Explorer area on the right side of the screen, click and drag the Veelo Signed Request URL into the Veelo tab.

  6. Click inside the Veelo tab, and click on the iframe button in the top menu.

  7. In the iframe modal that shows up, add the following information to the General tab:

    • In the Name field, enter MobilePaks.
    • In the URL field, enter about: blank.
    • Uncheck the Restrict cross-frame scripting, where supported box.

  8. In the Formatting tab, select One Column in the Layout area, and in the Row Layout section, change the Number of Rows to 18.
    NOTE: Setting the number of rows to 18 is important to ensure the iframe displays properly.

  9. In the Dependencies tab, find the Veelo Signed Request URL on the left column, select it, and use the right arrow button to add it to the column on the right.

  10. Click OK to close the modal, and then double-click on the iframe.

  11. Click on the Events tab, and expand the Form Libraries section. Click on the Add button, and search for tf_mobilepaks. Select the result, then click on the Add button to add it to your Iframe. Click OK to close the modal and return to your setup screen.

  12. Double-click the Veelo Signed Request URL section to open the Field Properties modal. In the Display tab, uncheck the Visible by Default box, then click OK.

  13. Select the Home tab in the top menu, then click Save and Publish to make the iframe visible.

Editing Your Users' Security Role Settings

Once you've added the Veelo iframe in your Dynamics entities, your users will need to have Read access to the Veelo Config custom entity in Dynamics in order to see it displayed correctly on their layout. To edit the security role settings for your users, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Settings menu, then click on Security.

  2. Click on Security Roles to go to the Security Roles area.

  3. If your organization uses multiple business units, ensure you're in the correct business unit, then select the Security Role you'd like to edit. Typically, this would include sales roles, including Sales managers who need access to Veelo. Once you've selected the role, click on the Custom Entities tab, and apply the Read permission to the Veelo Config custom entity.

    Click Save and Close when done, and repeat this process for all the different roles that need access to Veelo in Dynamics.

That's all! You're ready to go.



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