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EngageforDesignerswaspreviouslyknownastheScrollMotionEnterprisePlatform.Ingage for Designers is referred to below as thePlatform”.

  1. Components. Platform subscriptions include access to the following software components:
    1. MobileLibrary: mobile device software that provides (i) access to and download of Applets and Platform compatible files (collectively, “PlatformFiles”) from WorkCloud (ii) and local storage, organization, and display of Platform Files. (All Users)
    2. WorkCloud: Configurable web-based software for Platform File storage and management. (Admin Users only)
    3. SmartStudio: web-based Applet creation software. (Admin Users only)
  2. Features
    1. Compatibility: WorkCloud and SmartStudio are compatible with Chrome (current) and Safari (current and immediately prior versions) browsers.
    2. “Publish to Web” functionality share Applets with individuals who do not have Platform access via URL links. URLs can be password protected, but the password is for the URL, not individual users.
    3. Analytics DashboardEasily track Platform File use with real-time event logs and analytics down to the individual User level.
    4. Push notifications to MobileLibrary Users.
  3. Initial Setup and Configuration
    1. Provide WorkCloud and SmartStudio access for Admin Users through a single master platform account.
    2. Provide credentials for accessing Scrollmotion-branded MobileLibrary from the Apple App Store.
    3. Configure WorkCloud and SmartStudio (account management, User roles/entitlement).
    4. Data Hosting and Transfer. 100GB min. per account(Up to 10 GB per user annually included). We may charge for the actual cost of hosting and transfer to the extent that your annual data use exceeds this level.
    5. Training
      1. Access to self-serve training materials, product documentation, and other support resources available in-product and at
      2. Access to Support Agent assistance via form submission at or via email at
    6. Technical Support
      1. Support is available via email at
      2. Access to Documentation and other online Platform resources at
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