Setting Up a Photoshop Document for an iPhone Applet

To create a new document in Adobe Photoshop for an iPhone applet:

  • Launch Adobe Photoshop
  • Go to File - New


That will prompt the “New Document” window to open.

Use the following settings to create canvas with the same pixel dimensions as the 1X SmartStudio iPhone applet:

  • Document Type:    Custom
  • Width:    320 pixels
  • Height:    568 pixels
  • Resolution:    72 pixels/inch
  • Color Mode:    RGB, 8 bit
  • Color Profile:    sRGB (for most color consistency)
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio:    Square Pixels 



Unlike iPad applets, most iPhone applets are vertical rather than horizontal. This is largely due to the way most users hold their phones. If you need to create a horizontal applet instead, simply switch the Height and Width pixel dimensions.

We recommend the Pixel Dimensions be set to 320px by 568px to give you a “1x” canvas size. Starting out with 1x canvas, will ensure that your smallest details will be preserved in both 1x and 2x versions of graphics. It will also create a canvas that matches the dimensions of the SmartStudio canvas for an iPhone applet. As you will later learn, you will use Photoshop plugin, called Adobe Generator, which ships with the software, to automatically create 2x versions of each graphic.


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