3.24 MobileLibrary on iOS 10

  1. App fails to receive Push Notifications on iOS 10: The app is failing to display push notifications on iOS 10 only. Devices running iOS 9.3.5 will continue to receive notifications. (IOS-1899)
  2. App crash with repeated app open and close:An issue has been discovered in which repeated app opening and closing on the iPhone 5 running iOS 10 will crash the app. (IOS-1897)
  3. Shelf interface text displays with incorrect spacing on iOS 10:The app’s interface text is displaying with the incorrect line spacing on devices running iOS 10. This can result in illegible text by interfering with other visual elements. This is not an issue for applet text generated by SmartStudio. (IOS-1895, IOS-1900, IOS-1901)



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