Gong Integration Set-up Guide


Enabling the Gong Integration for your team’s ClearSlide account will allow ClearSlide to send your team members’ recorded meetings to Gong for additional conversation analytics. 


  1. Team account in ClearSlide
  2. User account in ClearSlide with Administrator permissions
  3. Company account in Gong
  4. User account in Gong with Technical Administrator permissions
  5. Access to a valid Gong Public API key and secret - a Technical Admin should have access to request a new key/secret in Gong’s company settings
  6. Each user in the Gong company account must have an email address or email alias that exactly matches that user’s email address in the ClearSlide team account

Enable ClearSlide-to-Gong Integration for team account

  1. Sign in to Gong with an account that has Technical Administrator permissions.
  2. Locate the company’s key and secret for the Gong Public API (https://app.gong.io/company/api). If a key/secret is not already available, click the “Create” button on the Gong API page to create a new key/secret.
  3. Sign into ClearSlide with an account that has Administrator permissions.
  4. In ClearSlide, enter the API key/secret into the corresponding fields on My Account > Admin Only Options > Integrations >Gong.
  5. At this point, the ClearSlide-to-Gong integration should be enabled. If the Gong API key/secret are not successfully stored or any errors are encountered, please check that the Gong API key/secret were correctly entered.

Note: If your team's Gong account is configured to capture ClearSlide meetings through Gong's standard Web Conferencing integration, you will need to disable this option to prevent duplication of your recordings in Gong. See the "Disabling Gong's Default Integration for ClearSlide" section below for more information.

Configure User Accounts for ClearSlide-to-Gong Integration

  1. Sign into Gong with an account that has Technical Administrator permissions
  2. Add a Team Member in Gong for each corresponding user account in ClearSlide. The email address or email alias for each Gong team member must exactly match the corresponding user’s email address in ClearSlide.
  3. Each Team Member in Gong must have “Record meetings and calls” enabled under Recording Options.

Note:A Gong user can have “record meetings and calls” enabled without also connecting their calendar or importing email. Calendar and email import are optional features available in Gong, but these are not required to send ClearSlide meeting recordings to Gong. Gong may also send reminders via email or display suggestions in the Gong web app to connect a calendar or enable GSuite or Outlook365 integration, but again, these are optional features not required to send ClearSlide meeting recordings to Gong.

Disabling Gong's Default Integration for ClearSlide

Your team may have an existing integration using Gong's standard Web Conferencing integration. You will need to disable this existing integration once you enable ClearSlide's direct integration to prevent duplication of your recordings in ClearSlide. To disable your team's Web Conferencing integration:

  1. Sign in to Gong.io with an account that has Technical Administrator permissions.
  2. Go to your team settings page
  3. Click "Web Conferencing" under the "Data Capture" section
  4. Find and turn OFF the ClearSlide integration

Sending ClearSlide recorded meetings to Gong

  1. Once a ClearSlide user has been added as a Team Member in Gong, as long as the ClearSlide email address matches an email address or alias in Gong, that ClearSlide user’s account will automatically have the ClearSlide-to-Gong integration enabled.
    1. Note:There can be a delay of up to 30 minutes before the Gong integration settings page updates for a newly-connected account. However, once an account has been connected, sending that user’s recorded meetings to Gong will be immediately enabled.
  2. At this point, any ClearSlide recorded meetings hosted by that user will automatically be sent to Gong for processing, as long as the host has view permissions for all content presented during the meeting.
    1. Note:Meetings are not recorded by default in ClearSlide.  Be sure to record any meeting you want to send to Gong. Or, meetings can be set to automatically record if you turn on this setting in Group Based Permissions: “Meeting recording is required for all meetings.”
  3. Once a host has ended a meeting, the recording will be uploaded to Gong and a link to the Gong analytics page will be displayed on the meeting recap page in ClearSlide. The time required to upload the meeting recording and complete the processing depends on the duration of the meeting.




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