How to Set Default Asset Access Settings

When ClearSlide is treated as your team's content Library and a single source of truth for content, life becomes more streamlined. That said, we've all seen how content repositories can sometimes become sprawling and difficult to navigate. With ClearSlide though, you have controls that allow you to grow the repository in a controlled way. 

  • NOTE: If reps on your team are allowed to upload their own Content, you may want to consider putting some controls in place regarding the Default Asset Access Settings.

By default, when a rep uploads an Asset into ClearSlide, the Asset Access Settings will be toggled to "Everyone" for both the Use Access and Edit Access

  • This means that by default, all other ClearSlide users at your company will be able to Use and Edit that Asset. That Asset will appear in the Content Library to all other users as well.
    • NOTE: Think about whether or not that is appropriate for your company. Do you want reps to see their colleague's Content all the time? Or do you want the Content Library to be more managed and controlled? If you'd prefer more control, then consider making adjustments to the Default Asset Access Settings. 

Only ClearSlide Admins can change the Default Asset Access Settings. Additionally, the Asset Access Settings can be set at both the Group and Organization levels.

  • NOTE:There is a difference between the "Default" Asset Access Settings and the "Allowed" Asset Access Settings. 
    • The "Default" settings are, as you would imagine, the defaults that are in place when an Asset is uploaded.
    • The "Allowed" settings dictate how widely a rep is allowed to share a document. If the rep is "Allowed" to share the document with "Everyone," then they can make it widely available. That said, if you would prefer that reps only share documents with their group or themselves, you can set the "Allowed" settings to enforce that restriction.  
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