How to Tag an Asset

When a tagging structure is in place, Assets become much easier to find within ClearSlide. Tags can be created to correspond to particular sales stages, industries, document types, etc. There is no end to how a tagging system can be structured. Get creative!

Depending on your organization, assigning tags to Assets may be a right limited to ClearSlide administrators, but in some cases, ClearSlide users also have the ability to assign Tags. 

In any case, "tagging" a document is simple and multiple tags can be applied to individual Assets. 

Note: You can "Tag" any document that you have Edit Access rights to.

To Tag an Asset, click into the Asset Detail page. 


On the right side of the screen, you'll see a "Tags" section. If the Asset is untagged, this section will be blank. If it already has a tag or tags assigned, then you will see them in the Tags field already. 


To add a new tag, click into the Tag field. A dropdown menu will appear that alphabetically lists available Tags.


Select a Tag to assign it to the Asset. 


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