Customer Privacy: Data Deletion GDPR in Clearslide

Recent data regulations like GDPR and CCPA are expanding data protection rights for people around the world. These regulations allow individuals to request that companies permanently delete or anonymize any data that has been collected on them.

To support our customers in complying with these regulations, ClearSlide designed a portal to allow Admins to process customer data deletion requests.  It is the responsibility of your company to manage and process any deletion requests you receive from your customers using the tools provided within ClearSlide.  Please do not email ClearSlide’s privacy team with these requests.

In the Privacy Settings portal, admins are able to enter or import one or multiple email addresses for data deletion. ClearSlide will remove data associated with the customer's activities from our records, including name, email address, phone number and address. Once the processing is done, the Admin will be notified via email. The data deletion will apply to all ClearSlide instances associated with the admin’s company.

To Process a Data Deletion Request in ClearSlide:

1. Go to the My Account section.


2. Choose Privacy Settings.



3. Enter email addresses.



4. Click "Submit" to start the data deletion process.



A confirmation email will be sent when the request is completed, typically within a few hours.

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