How to Compose an Email

Looking to improve your email game? Compose Email is a great place to start. Whether your emails are personalized or templatized, sent to one or many, we’re set up to help optimize your email outreach. 


Why are we different?

  • Our modern text editor supports complex email creation on the page or allows you to import emails formatted in 3rd party applications like MS Word, Google Docs, and HTML editors. 
  • Include dynamic fields to pull recipient-specific information into your email, making each touch feel personal.
  • Track email opens and content engagement at the recipient level, and follow along as your content is further shared by the original recipient.
  • Get immediate feedback on the quality of your email message so you can optimize your message before sending it to improve deliverability. 
  • We’ll track delivery to your recipient list once sent and provide feedback on your email lists to maintain the health of your delivery reputation. 

ClearSlide’s Compose Email page provides all the tools needed to create dynamic, personalized emails and send them with confidence, whether it’s to one recipient or 25,000. 


Starting off

Configuring your email settings:

Emails are most likely to be delivered if they’re sent from your email address (your customers will like it better too). Make sure you’re properly set up by following the steps here. 

Find your way to Compose Email in the following ways:

  • Click 'Emails & Links and select compose Email' on the right.
  • Use the quick Actions button within the navigation bar.
  • Hover over content in the recent Content section of the My ClearSlide homepage.
  • Click the compose Email button from any content in your Library.


Composing an Email 


From within the compose Email page, you’ll see several required fields:

  • 'Email Name/Title - The title of your email (this is for internal tracking purposes only). 
    • Example: "2019 Summer Conference Meeting Request" is a good title if you are reaching out to customers & prospects to schedule meetings for an upcoming conference.
  • 'To'- Add recipient email addresses by typing into this field, importing using a CSV document, re-using a previous list, or using our salesforce Search to pull in contacts related to a specific Account or Opportunity (only available with salesforce Integration).
    *Note: Learn more on how to format your contact list here.
    • These fields will also be used for CRM tracking if you have purchased & installed the Salesforce integration. Your admin can configure how activities log to Salesforce as part of the integration process.


If you’ve created email templates, you can select the template you'd like to use from the the Template dropdown. Once you’ve inserted a template, you can customize the subject line and content within the email editor.




If you do not use a template:

  • Select any content you’d like to share from the the 'Asset' dropdown or by clicking advanced Search for a more detailed view of all content
    • Configure the 'Link Options' to control how your recipients can engage with your content sent via email.
    • You can select more than one piece of content. When using multiple assets, all assets selected will live within one single link. 
    • If you’d like to upload a new piece of content that doesn’t currently exist within the ClearSlide platform, click 'Upload New' and choose the relevant file to upload.
  • Add a subject line and compose the body of your email message
    • Use the email editor to choose the layout you want. Layouts allow you to display a preview of your asset within the email, or include it only as a link.
    • Use the email editor functions to add formatting, insert images, and more.
      • Paste from Word- paste your copied text from MS Word or Google Docs into the pop-up window and click OK. The text will appear in the editor with the formatting intact.


  • HTML (Source) - Click “Source” to paste raw HTML into your email. Hitting “Source” again shows the formatted message. 


Click out of your email and review the Spam Checker to see a score of your email content. The higher the score the better the deliverability of the email. Make changes to your subject line and email body and click out of the message body to see the score update in real time. 

Looking for guidance on how to improve your email messaging? Check out our guide on how to prevent your emails from going to spam here.


Click Preview to see a preview of the email with any dynamic fields customized per recipient. Check out the mobile version preview to see how it looks to viewers on the go. This is your chance to make sure everything, including the from, to, subject, content and layout is correct before you send the email. Once you’ve reviewed it click Done.



If everything looks good and you are ready to send the email, click Send.  If you want to send your email at a later time, click the arrow on the Send button to schedule a time to send the email. Schedule all emails to send at a specific time or use our AI-driven scheduler to send your email to each recipient at the moment they’re most likely to open it. Learn more about our “Best Time” feature here.


*Note: By default, ClearSlide users send emails from their own address. However, there is an option to send an email on behalf of another ClearSlide user on your team (this feature must be turned on by an Admin). Read more about this feature here.

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