Configure Email Sending via SPF

SPF is an email configuration option that we offer for sending emails via customer email addresses in Compose Email. When SPF is configured for your team, it will apply to ALL users, current and future, making this a great option for larger teams. This method is setup and managed at the Admin/IT level, so users will not see this as an available option within the 'My Outbound Email Settings' page within ClearSlide.  

 What is SPF?

  • SPF is an email authentication protocol that will allow ClearSlide to send on a customers behalf, using our mail servers. 
  • Using SPF generally helps increase deliverability and lowers the risk of spam/spoofing associated with a customers domain.
  • Any blacklisting or reports of SPAM will directly reflect on our servers, not on the customers domain, so they'll remain unaffected.

How is SPF Setup?

  • Customer Setup - Your IT team will need to add our include statement (include: to your existing DNS record(s) for the relevant domain(s).

*Note: there is a limit of 10 DNS look ups. If you're exceeding this limit please contact our Support team for alternatives.

  • ClearSlide Setup - Once we've confirmed the above is complete, ClearSlide needs to configure your team's account to send via this method.
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