How to Control Your Content with Advanced Options

Create Link & Compose Email Advanced Options

When it's time to share your Content, whether it's with one individual or through an email blast, you will always be in full control of the collateral that you're sending. By toggling your 'Advanced Options' on and off, you can restrict or allow a variety of actions.

  • Don't want that invoice shared with anyone other than the CFO you sent it to? Check the box next to 'Don't allow forwards' to prevent anyone else from viewing.
  • Interested in who else is reading your case study besides the 10 people you sent it to? Check the box next to 'Include Lead Form' to capture the contact info of your entire audience!
  • Need to provide a copy of the document you're sharing to the viewer? Check the 'Include Download Option' box. Before you do, learn more about why we advise against allowing downloads here.

Whether you need partner feedback on a work-in-progress presentation, send a client the wrong pricing sheet or find a typo in your PDF after it's been blasted to 100 people - we've got you covered! 


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