Link Engagement Insights

Sharing content via ClearSlide captures every viewer interaction for your review. Knowing exactly when someone opened your document, which pages they viewed, and for how long equips you with real data on what interests them. Use this to come prepared for your next conversation and move the deal along faster (and impress with your "intuition").




Finding your Link's insights

After you've shared content in ClearSlide (via link,email, orGmail/Outlook), find reporting on each activity via any of the following paths:

  1. Enabling "View Alerts" when you create the link or email will send you a real-time notification email when your content is viewed. Click through the link in the email to see what's being viewed and follow up at the moment to maximize your chance to connect.
  2. Reports on your recently viewed emails and links are available directly from your My ClearSlide activity feed. Activity cards reshuffle dynamically to show the most recently viewed links at the top, so you can strike while you're top of mind.
  3. Use theEmails and Links dashboard to review your own activity or filter by owner to review recent activities by others on your team. Click on any record to view the details.


Reviewing Link Activity

The Link insights page shows aggregated engagement with all content on the link as well as a viewer specific breakdown of each view.



Document and page level engagement are aggregated in Summary to give you a high level understanding of what was most popular on your link. See at a glance which content section was most popular, or hover over segments to see page level view time. If you share content on social media or with a large group, this is a great way to understand trends in your attendee interests.





Scroll down to the Viewer section to dive into a specific viewer's engagement behavior. Engagement data is presented in the same format as the Summary, with scaling bars for each content section and segments for each page view. If the viewer visited your link multiple times, all views will be grouped under the viewer name allowing you to compare how their engagement is shifting over time.

Use a lead form when creating your link to collect viewer names and other contact info when they view your content. If a lead form is not enabled, we'll still collect view information but can't connect it to a viewer identity. You can add a lead form to your link at any time after sharing.

Download a CSV of all viewer data for your link using the "Download Data" option at the top right of the Viewers section.




Managing and Editing your Link

Sharing content via ClearSlide allows you to maintain constant control of what's displayed on your link. Whether you're making a quick correction to the file you shared or you're using your link as an evolving landing page for an ongoing deal, changes can be made quickly and updates are available instantly.

Modify any aspect of your link using the options outlined below and hit the "Save Changes" button. Once saved, any changes will appear on your link within minutes.




Update link access and logging:

  • Disable your link at any time if the information becomes out of date or you see it's been shared with an unintended audience.
  • Update the Customer or Recipient information to properly attribute the activity in ClearSlide insights or Salesforce.




Update link content:

Add, remove or reorder the content displayed on your link at any time, even after you've shared it, using the Content section of the right side bar. Use the + button to add additional content and the ... menu for each existing asset to update that item.

A few notes on updating:

  • Your viewers are not notified when you make updates. If you send the wrong file or need to make adjustments, you can do so quickly and discreetly!
  • The Link Insights page will keep track of the history of added and removed files, so you can continue to see how people interacted with a document even after it's been removed.
  • Sales conversations evolve, and now your links can to! Use the update feature to refine the content you've shared over the course of a deal, giving your viewers one place to go for all the information they need.




Update link settings:

Things can change quickly, and we know you may need to change how you've given access to your content after it's shared. You can change the Advanced Options for your shared links at any time via the Options section of the right sidebar. Top reasons you might change your settings:

  • Turn ON view alerts so you're notified in real-time when someone views your content
  • Turn ON a lead form so you know who is viewing your content
  • Turn OFF "allow downloads" 



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