I Sent the Wrong Asset in my Link, how Do I Replace it?

Sharing content via ClearSlide allows you to maintain constant control of what's displayed on your link. Whether you're making a quick correction to the file you shared or you're using your link as an evolving landing page for an ongoing deal, changes can be made quickly and updates are available instantly.


Finding your Link's insights

After you've shared content in ClearSlide (via link, email, or Gmail/Outlook), find reporting on each activity via any of the following paths:

  1. Enabling "View Alerts" when you create the link or email will send you real time notification email when your content is viewed. Click through the link in the email to see what's being viewed and follow up in the moment to maximize your chance to connect.
  2. Reports on your recently viewed emails and links are available directly from your My ClearSlide activity feed. Activity cards reshuffle dynamically to show the most recently viewed links at the top, so you can strike while you're top of mind.
  3. Use the Emails and Links dashboard to review your own activity or filter by owner to review recent activities by others on your team. Click into any record to view the details.


Updating Link Content

Use the + button to add additional content and the ... menu for each existing asset to update that item.



  • Your viewers are not notified when you make updates. If you send the wrong file or need to make adjustments, you can do so quickly and discreetly!
  • The Link Insights page will keep track of the history of added and removed files, so you can continue to see how people interacted with a document even after it's been removed.
  • Sales conversations evolve, and now your links can to! Use the update feature to refine the content you've shared over the course of a deal, giving your viewers one place to go for all the information they need.


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